Montbéliard: remarkable natural areas

Luxuriant nature just 10 minutes from the hotel

Two-thirds of the Montbéliard conurbation is made up of forests, countryside and remarkable natural areas interwoven into an urban fabric forged around rivers and hills. These wild spaces are rich in biodiversity in the heart of a lush natural environment.

At the confluence of seven rivers, the regional nature reserve is home to a mosaic of highly diverse environments: dry grasslands, alluvial forest with large white willows.

The Pays de Montbéliard is home to sanctuaries that are home to many animal species that are characteristic of wetlands (black kite, European kingfisher) and dry grasslands (stump-sided lizards, red-backed shrike and the marsh copper, a protected butterfly).

Our region boasts around ten of these remarkable natural areas of great ecological value. They are home to flora and fauna that need to be protected, but are also worth discovering.

So, just a few minutes from the La Balance hotel in Montbéliard, you'll have access to a wild and relaxing natural environment. Come and recharge your batteries by discovering :

  • The Lower Savoureuse Valley Regional Nature Reserve 
  • The sensitive natural area of the lower Allan valley
  • The Sensitive Natural Area of the Grands Prés de la Lizaine
  • The source of the Doue 

Hotel La Balance is just 10 minutes from Parc Près la Rose, Montbéliard's green lung!

To find out more, download the Guide-Espaces-Naturels.pdf

We look forward to welcoming you to the hotel, and to advising you on the "nature" visits to be made in our region.

We hope to see you soon