Explore the beauty of Montbéliard town centre

Located in the heart of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, the city center of Montbéliard offers a magnificent and historic setting for visitors.

A city center to discover

Rich in history, the city center of Montbéliard is home to cultural venues, green spaces, and remarkable architectural heritage. Easily accessible by highway, exit N19, or by using the train to the nearby station, visiting this place is an unforgettable experience.

The castle of the princes of Württemberg

Proudly standing in the city center of Montbéliard, this medieval castle bears witness to the past influence of the German princely family of Württemberg. Today, it houses several magnificent museums to visit:

  • Castle Museum: History of the castle and the princely family
  • Museum of Art and History: Varied collections ranging from archaeology to painting
  • Espace Georges Cuvier: Temporary exhibitions on various subjects

The castle park

Surrounding this majestic building, the park offers beautiful walks with panoramic views. It is the ideal place to stroll with family or friends in the city center of Montbéliard.

The Red Lion Hotel

A witness to local history, this private mansion dating back to the 16th century features a remarkable Renaissance facade. Located on Place Saint-Martin in the city center of Montbéliard, be sure to admire its sculptures and ornaments.

An exceptional heritage to discover

The rich cultural past and fascinating architecture are revealed in the small cobbled streets of the city center of Montbéliard. Among many other unique places are:

  • The old town: A pedestrian maze composed of charming half-timbered houses and small shops
  • Saint-Martin Temple: Magnificent example of flamboyant Gothic architecture
  • Saint-Maimbœuf Church: An architectural masterpiece in Romanesque and Gothic style

The picturesque alleys of the city center

Also discover these narrow alleys that crisscross the city center of Montbéliard, where second-hand shops, galleries, and local artisans mingle. Stroll through this real maze for a total immersion in the soul of the city.

La Balance, a charming hotel in the heart of the city center

Staying in a hotel that is both elegant and comfortable is essential during any visit to the city center of Montbéliard. La Balance is a must-visit address in the city center, offering refined rooms on 3 floors with an elevator. This hotel offers you 45 rooms, singles, doubles or family, including 2 designed for people with reduced mobility.

As you wander through the streets and squares, take the time to admire everything this pleasant city has to offer during your visit to the city center of Montbéliard. You will be won over by its warm atmosphere as well as its exceptional heritage at every moment.