Easter weekend in Montbéliard: an unforgettable getaway

Located in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, Montbéliard is a charming and dynamic city that offers numerous activities for a memorable Easter weekend with family or friends. Whether you're a fan of culture, history, nature, or gastronomy, this Franche-Comté city will charm you and fulfill all your expectations. Start planning your Easter weekend now at the La Balance hotel, ideally located in downtown Montbéliard.

Must-See Attractions During Your Stay

Take advantage of your Easter getaway to discover the treasures of Montbéliard. History, culture, heritage, remarkable sites... You won't fail to be captivated by the unsuspected riches of this beautiful town.

  • The Castle of the Dukes of Württemberg: A visit to Montbéliard would not be complete without seeing its famous castle, a true testament to the city's princely past.
    Sign up for a guided tour to learn more about the history of the place and also admire the temporary exhibitions regularly organized there.
  • The Old Town: Stroll through the cobbled streets of the old town and be surprised by the beautiful half-timbered houses that testify to a rich architectural heritage.
    Your steps may lead you to Saint-Maimboeuf Church, an emblematic building of Montbéliard's religious heritage.
  • The Beurnier-Rossel Museum: Immerse yourself in the history and daily life of Montbéliard in the 18th and 19th centuries with this charming museum located in a private mansion.

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy During Easter Weekend

Spring is an ideal season to enjoy the natural attractions of Montbéliard and its surroundings. Here are some activity ideas to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy thrilling experiences. Don't hesitate to book your stay now in a downtown hotel in Montbéliard.

  • Hiking and Walks: Numerous marked hiking trails crisscross the region, offering magnificent panoramas of the preserved landscapes. With family or friends, put on your sneakers and explore the beautiful natural spaces of this part of Franche-Comté.
    For example, don't miss the hike to Mont Bart, where a 19th-century observatory tower offers breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.
  • Près-la-Rose Park: This vast green space located along a river is the perfect place for a picnic or a family stroll. Both young and old will be delighted by the many attractions offered: playgrounds, fitness trails, mini-golf, relaxation areas...
    You can also observe unusual animals such as deer and dwarf goats in their dedicated space.
  • Dino-Zoo: Located about thirty minutes from Montbéliard, this themed park will delight both young and old dinosaur fans. From the first life forms to these impressive creatures, embark on a journey through time and discover over 30 carefully reconstructed life-size scenes.

Easter and Gastronomy: A Tempting Culinary Experience

A long weekend in Montbéliard would be incomplete without immersing yourself in the local gastronomy. Between sweet and savory specialties, treat yourself to some of the essential flavors of this region rich in culinary traditions.

  • Montbéliard Sausage: A must-try, Montbéliard smoked sausage is enjoyed boiled, grilled, or simmered in a delicious lentil dish. Indulge in this specialty that will leave you satisfied.
  • Bricelets: These dry and crispy biscuits come in the form of finely striped cylinders. They are made from a dough of flour, sugar, milk, and eggs cooked between two hot irons. A real treat for both young and old gourmets!
  • Cancoillotte: This semi-liquid fresh cheese will melt in your mouth. Creamy and flavorful, it is a true local pride. You can enjoy it as is on bread, as a sauce in various dishes, or gratinéed in the oven.

Enjoy a Variety of Events During Your Easter Weekend in Montbéliard

Planning your stay during the Easter holidays also means enjoying local and friendly events that animate the city during this period. Here are a few examples to enhance your getaway.

  • Flea Market: Antique lovers will be delighted to learn that a flea market is organized every year during Easter weekend. An ideal event to browse for unusual items and souvenirs of your stay. Head to the streets of downtown to participate in this friendly and festive event.
  • Workshops and Entertainment: Take advantage of the joyful Easter festivities to share with your children numerous workshops and shows. Plenty of fun awaits in Montbéliard during Easter weekend! Choose from artistic, educational, environmental, or scientific activities; there's something to delight both young and old!

Be sure not to miss either the event or the place to unpack your bags! Book your Easter weekend now at La Balance downtown hotel, the ideal establishment to welcome you during your getaway to Montbéliard.